Who plays Jaq in Top Boy? Everything We Know About Jasmine Jobson

There is a new season of Top Boy on the way and fans may be wondering who will be playing Jaq in the show. With her outstanding portrayal of Dushane’s second in command in the upcoming season of the show, Jasmine Jobson is likely to be the talk of the town.

As a result of joining the show when it was resurrected for Netflix, Jobson has become one of the show’s most crucial and interesting characters after a stellar first outing. As far as we know about the actor, here is everything we know about him.

Who is Jasmine Jobson?

Originally from London, Jobson gained popularity through his role as Jaq in Top Boy, a film that he starred in at the age of 26. As a result of her impressive performance, she was nominated for a Bafta award for her contribution to the film.

When she auditioned for the role, she was asked to show more anger and she took out her anger on a nearby chair after she was asked to show more anger. As a result of nearly breaking a window, Jobson broke into acting and has never looked back since.

An acting nomination for the best supporting actor at the Baftas should tell you everything you need to know about Jobson’s talents. I think that she has a good chance of going one better next time and taking the gong based on the new season of Top Boy.

In 2020, Jobson starred in the film Surge, which had its world premiere, and we can now expect to see a lot more of her in the years to come.

As much filming has been limited as a result of the pandemic in recent times, the return to some form of normality means Jobson should once again be able to appear on a lot of screens in the near future.

A vulnerable side

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Top Boy is that it is a show dominated by male characters. As it turns out, that is far from the truth – especially in the fourth installment of the series.

Clearly, this show knows what it is, and we are about to see Jaq, and other female characters, come into their own as this show progresses.

As part of her recent interview with Pop Sugar, Jobson discussed how her role combines both exciting and challenging elements.

As someone who is taking on a role in a highly male-dominated industry, it is definitely very important to make sure that she is always seen at the top of her game thanks to her role in this highly competitive industry. In addition to this, I also believe that she’s strong at times when she’s vulnerable, which you’ll see in this series, as much as she’s strong when she’s strong.

Home life

It has been reported that Jobson had a difficult childhood. ‘The most difficult child in Westminster,’ as described by social services, has been labelled by the Guardian as one of the most difficult children in the city.

After moving in with her grandmother when she was a teenager, she eventually chose to enter the care system when she was old enough. Her next comment was that it was one of the best things that she had ever done for herself.

There hasn’t been all plain sailing on the acting front either, as things haven’t been going smoothly all the time. After getting down to the final two candidates in a Star Wars film casting call, the Top Boy star missed out on a role in the film.

In spite of this, given Jobson’s performance as a guest star in one of Netflix’s best shows, the future appears to be very bright for him. It is a fact that everyone will soon be able to identify who is playing Jaq in Top Boy, because one thing is for sure.


Jasmine Jobson is an actress who plays the character of Jaq in the Netflix series “Top Boy.” Jaq is a member of the HTH gang and is involved in the drug trade within the show. Jasmine Jobson’s portrayal of Jaq has been praised for her compelling performance and bringing depth to the character. She is known for conveying the complexities and emotional nuances of Jaq’s journey in the series.

Please note that the provided information is accurate as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. For the latest updates and additional details about Jasmine Jobson or the series “Top Boy,” it is recommended to refer to recent sources and official announcements.

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